The East Ascension Sportsmans League and Sheriffs range in Gonzales hosts a smallbore silhouette match on the 4th Saturday of each month year round. This is a very nice range where resettable targets are used for each match. Eight banks of targets are on the range allowing for many shooters over several relays the chance to compete and have fun.

This Range will be hosting the Louisiana State Smallbore Silhouette Championship on the last weekend in July on the 29th-31st. Standard Rifle will consist of 2×40 shot matches for day one and Hunter Rifle on day two also will be 2×40 shot matches. Food will be served for lunch each day and it should be a great time for anyone who wants to come out and shoot or just find out more about this addictive game we all play.

Here are the resettable target racks used that are easily placed and removed for each match.

Resettable target racks make short work of keeping the shooting going. Just pull the cord!


On occasion after the Smallbore Match is held targets will be placed out for Rimfire Lever Action Cowboy matches using iron sights but much larger targets. It is a challenge all unto itself and you can not use a spotter beyond someone with a set of binoculars watching for you.

Recently the Club procured a set of High Power Silhouette Animal swingers all scaled in size to 300 yards. The 300 yards is the longest firing line at the Gonzales range and scaled targets are allowed under the rules. While it might be a bit closer than the normal Turkeys at 385 yards and Rams at 550 yards, I assure you 300 yards is a long way and the targets look no bigger. This is something the club is just now entertaining but I think will be getting more participation as members get the silhouette bug. I should know I am building a High Power rifle for this game myself now!