This past weekend I had the chance to finally shoot a High Power match at full size full distance and WOW what fun it is to do! Even feeling under the weather I enjoyed myself. We had beautiful weather with conditions building through the day along with the heat. The match was hosted by the Toledo Bend Silhouette Shooters for the 36th year in Zwolle, Louisiana.

A new National Record was set for Hunter Rifle with a 51/60 by Mark Pharr the current National Champ in Hunter rifle. If you have never tried High Power but enjoy silhouette shooting you really need to make it to a match. I knew those targets were a long way off but until you see it in person you can’t quite grasp it. 550 yards is a long way away when the mirage is making the rams look like they sit behind a water wall.

Somehow I managed to be in shoot offs both days losing one and winning another. For the weekend I shot a 27/60 and 33/60 for a 50% weekend aggregate which was my goal for my first match. Already looking forward to next years match and attending some other High Power matches. Hopefully someday soon we will have a place to shoot full distance silhouette locally in South Louisiana. There have been whispers of such a location going around recently.

The good camera was left at home but I did manage to get a few pictures and a couple videos. While this game is spectator friendly the targets are so far away it is impossible to get great pictures with a smart phone or video that shows the targets falling. Something you just have to witness in person.